In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, hair has always been a canvas for self-expression and personal style. Among the myriad of options, two terms have been making waves in recent years: natural straight vs bone straight hair. These two styles have captivated the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts and are often sought after for their distinct allure. But what exactly do these terms mean, and what sets them apart in the world of haircare and styling? Join us on a journey through the fascinating realm of hair extensions as we unravel the enchanting differences between natural straight and bone-straight hair. Whether you’re a hair aficionado or simply curious about the latest trends, this exploration promises to be a delightful and informative ride.

 Before we get into the key differences between straight and bone straight hair, we’d like to provide you with some background information on these two forms of hair. This section will provide you with more insights about the products that you gonna sell, especially if you are new to the hair extension business. Let’s look at what natural straight hair and bone straight mean, as well as which products are popular for both textures!

I. About Natural Straight Hair

Natural Straight Hair

 Straight hair is completely natural hair, smooth, and straight without heat and chemical treatment. In Asian countries which are the main exporters of hair extension products, especially Vietnam, people are usually born with straight black hair. Then, the straight black hair bulk you see is exactly the raw hair or virgin hair which is totally fresh, unprocessed, and high-quality. Besides, there are also straight hair bundles with colors as well. They are already processed to be filled with colors in the factories, but the natural straight texture is still kept.

II. About Bone Straight Hair

 In fact, bone straight and straight hair are quite similar to natural straight, except for the main difference in textures which creates how bone straight hair looks like. Unlike completely natural straight hair, the smooth straightness of this product mainly comes from the impact of machines and tools. Bone straight hair is already straightened with heat. However, it still retains a silky, soft, and shiny texture. And because of the above advantages, this hair type is the favorite choice of many women worldwide, especially women in African or Latin American countries.

III. Natural Straight vs Bone Straight Hair: What Are The Differences?

 Although many people have these two types of hair, not everyone understands the distinction between bone-straight hair and regular straight hair. So, in the following paragraph, we’ll show you the way to distinguish between the two through the following factors: texture, price, popularity, and usage.

1. Natural Straight vs Bone Straight Hair: Differences in Texture

 In order to know the difference between straight and bone-straight hair, you can see their texture and touch the hair to feel the hair. Bone-straight hair exhibits a remarkably sleek, silky, and flat texture, whereas regular straight hair possesses a somewhat coarser texture, lacking the silkiness of bone-straight hair. The distinction arises from the fact that bone straight hair undergoes processing involving steam, heat, and herbal treatments, rendering it exceptionally soft and silky. In contrast, straight hair maintains characteristics akin to natural human hair, striking a harmonious balance between smoothness and a slight waviness.

Natural Straight Hair
Bone Straight Hair

 One more factor that helps us know how to distinguish between natural straight hair and bone straight hair is the straight of hair strands. With bone-straight hair, the hair is straightened, therefore, it’s very straight. Even in the wind, bone-straight hair can create a good movement. In addition, as the straight hair is totally natural, and the bone straight hair is processed, the naturally straight hair can be easily restyled while the bone straight hair is not. Natural straight hair brings a fuller, more volume look than the other one.

2. Differences in Price

The disparity in textures contributes to the variation in prices between straight and bone-straight hair. It’s a well-founded fact that bone-straight hair commands a higher price tag compared to naturally straight hair. This price discrepancy is logical, considering the additional labor and processes involved in achieving the sleek bone-straight texture. Furthermore, if you seek bone-straight hair in a range of colors, the cost escalates due to the necessary bleaching and coloring procedures.

3. Natural Straight vs Bone Straight Hair: Differences in The Popularity

Hair Store in South Africa

 We can see that each hair type has its own strengths based on the difference between straight and bone straight, so it’s difficult to compare the popularity of these two hair types since they are both incredibly popular hair types on the market. The difference between straight hair and bone straight hair is based on market demand, however, simplicity seems a key in this case when people ask nothing more than the natural black bone straight hair, which brings them an elegant look. Bone straight hair is also a must-try item for hair start-up companies since it is easy to resell.

4. Natural Straight vs Bone Straight Hair: Differences in The Usage

 The difference between bone-straight hair and normal straight hair in usage is bleaching and curling. Bleaching is easier on normal straight hair than it is on bone straight hair and hair care after bleaching is not easy. Because normal straight hair hasn’t undergone any process in any way, the cuticle layers are still intact, and the hair is still healthy, which makes bleaching simpler. When curling with iron, bone-straight hair texture will be hard to curl and will straighten out quickly. On the other hand, normal straight hair is perfect for curling irons since it retains its shape when curled.

IV. Natural Straight vs Bone Straight Hair: How Can I Find A Reputable Hair Vendor To Purchase?

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